Grinding Wheels and Pins

Grinding Wheels and Pins

Grinding Wheels and Pins

Diamond & CBN Electroplated Wheels & Pins allow stable performance in grinding ability and accuracy in a variety of applications.

  • Suited for a Variety of very Abrasive materials & a wide range of categories.
  • Reduced cycle times,
  • Reduced Cost,
  • Years of great experience grinding Ceramic & CMCs
  • Significantly Increased tool life,

“M.D.T INDUSTRIAL TOOLS” offers a wide range of Electroplated products such as: Diamond & CBN wheels and Pins in many forms including Internal Grinding Pins.
Our Diamond /CBN Grinding tools are Suitable for a range of applications as: Cylindrical Grinding, Surface Grinding, Centerless Grinding, Internal Grinding, Profile Grinding & Tool Grinding.
CBN- (Cubic-Boron-Nitride) ELECTROPLATED TOOLS (as an abrasive) is exclusively used for the grinding of hardened steels. Mostly used for grinding Steel, HSS, Spring Steel,
“M.D.T INDUSTRIAL TOOLS” Grinding CBN tools will significantly increase the performance and an improved surface and quality finish as well as increased tool life & cost reduction.
We developed Technology to manufacturing Diamond electroplated Micro Tolls for grinding materials as Ceramic, CMC’s and others, starting from 0.4 mm / 0.0157″ Diameters serve the roughing & finish process.

DIAMOND ELECTROPLATED TOOLS – Highly recommended for Grinding Tungsten Carbide, Technical Ceramics, Glass, Silicon, Graphite, PCD, PCB, Marble & Stone, Tungsten Carbide-steel combinations, Glass-Fiber Polyester, Carbon Fiber, Quartz.
Can be manufactured in various shapes, “M.D.T INDUSTRIAL TOOLS” Diamond grinding tools improve significantly the surface finishing and avoided any deviations in geometry.
Technology of Micro Tolls starting from 0.4 mm / 0.0157″ Diameters serve the roughing & finish process.

Coated Diamond Tooling offer a wide range of electroplated products including Internal Grinding Pins, Electroplated Files, Routers, Cones, Die Laps, and any necessary profile items. we also offer electroplated wheels manufactured from either your own blanks or we can manufacture as complete tool.

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MDT designs and delivers advanced cutting solutions for all abrasive materials, from standard to customized engineered solutions, you can rely on our experience